Silkolene Lubricants

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Chain Lube

Extreme pressure, synthetic technology formula resists shock loading. Good resistance...


Comp 2

Freedom from ring stick and deposit formation. Prevents spark plug fouling and misfir...


Comp 2 Plus

Advanced, synthetic, ester based 2-stroke engine oil with Electrosyntec Technology. D...


Comp 4 SX 10W-40

Synthetic, ester based multi-grade 4-stroke engine oil, with Electrosyntec Technology...


Comp Gear

Reduces clutch and gear wear Optimises clutch friction characteristics Reduce clutch ...


Foam Filter Cleaner

A highly effective, water rinsbale cleaner/degreaser formulated specifically for clea...


Foam Filter Oil

Advanced, low viscosity coating treatment designed to improve the efficiency of foam ...


Pro Cool

Compatible with all alloys, plastics, elastomers and gasket materials used in modern ...


Pro Prep

Pro Prep restores colour and finish of plastics and painted surfaces. A high quality, ...


Pro RG2

Superior water-proofing properties. High impact load resistance. Resists oozing from ...


Pro RSF 10

Advanced racing suspension fluids designed for the latest competition suspension syst...