'Gasser' Shock Absorbers

Product Code: HO-7465
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Price: £540.45

Steel bodied, mid range shocks.

Built to order, specifically to match your weight, riding style and ability.  Available to suit a vast variaty of machines.

The "Gasser" shocks are Works Performance's steel bodied shocks for both single and twin shock machines. They feature CNC machined steel bodies with adjustable spring pre-load and the option of remote reservoirs.  All shocks are built to order, to fit YOU. YOUR weight. YOUR style and YOUR ability. These are not an "off the shelf, one size fits all" shock. High performace shocks for the man on a budget!

Red Rocket, preload adjustable, non-res option pictured.  Price will vary for other makes and models.

Work's range of shock absorbers for off road bikes are designed for rugged use and improved damping, whether its for a 50cc mini or an open class machine. We list shock applications for nearly all single shock and twinshock MX and enduro bikes right back to the early 70's.

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