Chain Lube

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Extreme pressure, synthetic technology formula resists shock loading. Good resistance to high speed fling off. Excellent film forming properties and corrosion protection. Thin film resists dirt adhesion. Suitable for all chains including 'O' ring type

An advanced synthetic technology lubricant designed for high performance motorcycle chains.  When first applied, CHAIN LUBE is sufficiently fluid and mobile to penetrate into the vital pins and bushes of the chain, providing excellent lubrication and corrosion protection.  CHAIN LUBE quickly thickens by solvent evaporation to leave a thin yet durable coating on the external side plates and roller, offering outstanding corrosion protection while resisting the tendency to fling off, even at high speeds.  CHAIN LUBE helps to seal the chain and combats the ingress of water and other contaminants which can dramatically reduce chain and sprocket life.

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